Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April the birthday month!

April is a busy month. Both my boys where born this beautiful month! Jackson turned 7 on the 11th and Brett turned 5 on the 30th! Here are the pictures from their actual birthday and their pretend  (that is what Brett called it) birthday party!  Our boys are loved and truly blessed to have so many people love them and make them feel special! As usual the pictures downloaded in random order.  

Jacskson turns 7!

Not my best cake but he liked it!
Bretts cake 

He likes all kinds of cake
Julia making sure she stays safe
Brett turns 5!

Go Julie
Yup this would be the third cake of the month! 
All grown up

Poor Paul, no hat
The kids at the party( and Diana) ... Paul jr is napping in his momma's arms...... 
Baby Brett no more.......