Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 So, I had my 20 year class renuion 2 weekends ago, one week before the boys spring break.... Which worked out that we went to sunny FL for 2 WEEKS (John was able to join us on the 2nd half of our vacation)! We had a wonderful time and it was a much need sun break for mommy!!   The pictures did not load right... I am to lazy to change the order
Before we left Brett had his spring program.... for some reason I do not have a better one of him all dressed up... He of course has to wear a tie for his performance
Flying down... Note sweat pants and jackets.... (side note: Jet Blue is the BEST airline to fly with kids... satellite tv's on the back of every seat. Cartoons all the way down!!!)
 don't really understand what is going on but G'Pa made the swords!
It was a COLD AND WINDY  day at beach!

Can you tell that NO ONE else was  in the water... IT WAS COLD. We where the people that the locals made fun of
Brett lasted 45 min and then turned blue... 

 My blond beach babe!!!
 Digging for treasure.... really only digging because the water is cold
 My beach lovin' fair skinned baby... lots of sunscreen on this one!

 yup, that cold!
 My oldest and dearest friend and her mom. We have known each other for over +30 years..... Now we have kids!!
 Operation "DYE EASTER EGGS"
 Desto Kids' parade! They loved the beads and candy!
 Finished eggs! Jackson's on the left, Brett on the right
 Egg hunt....  That would be my childhood dog, Duchess's headstone... Easter bunny made sure she had a few eggs
 Yes, Brett is wearing a shark helmet.... you can not tell but his shirt is also unbuttoned... He has his own style
 Easter morning after church.... Daddy LITERALLY had just arrived from the airport! Happy boys and momma!
 The king in his shade directing building
 The brown spot to the left of Bretts head are 4 stingrays who kept swimming by
 Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary 

 One of us tans and one of us burns.....

Donuts... life is good 
 covered with fruity pebbles
 fort with army men....... great beach toys!
 maple icing with bacon donut..... I wanted more!

 Watch out there is a squid on your head
 My favorite place to eat.... The Columbia on St. Armand's circle... with my favorite people
 shark tooth hunting
 Watch out it's a shark!!! Man, I crack myself up!
 Made the local paper....
 Yup Guy, I stole two Masters cups..... I am sure you counted your backup, backup stash and found out already!!
Shark head shark tooth hunting!