Saturday, June 22, 2013

The past month

Here are a few pictures of the past month..... The end of the school year has come and my little baby is supposedly big enough to go to Kindergarten and my big boy is ready for 2nd grade.... Momma is not so sure about all this growing up!

 For those who don't  know this is Brett's girlfriend Reagan.... They have been a couple for a few years. We are a on a lunch date!
 My close friend Amy and I have this great plan on twice a year getting away from everything (work, kids,husbands....that kind of stuff) and taking a trip.  Unfortunately  we ALWAYS plan a 13.1 run for the morning which means that we get up WAY to early for my taste to go get "tired, hot and stinky"!! We ran the Annapolis women's Zooma half marathon.  We had a great time it was the hottest race we have ever run!! NO more JUNE races for me! Yes I am up at 5:30, even took a pic to prove it
 I believe we are smiling because we made it and really where not in our right minds!
 In a few years this picture will not be so cute!!

We took the boys camping.  Of course a tropical storm came through that weekend. But being our brave and maybe desperate for time away, we still went!  We had a blast and as long as we were under our tarps we stayed dry!  Thank God my husband has an obsession with tarps and ropes!!
 Momma did set this tent up all by herself! I am very proud!  The boys were "A LOT OF HELP".... Not
 Daddy arrived and made me very happy....The last tarp was up right as it started to sprinkle!  He made the BEST tarp city..... It rained most likely over 3 inches in a 24 hour period and everything was dry
 Clean and happy boys ready for bed!
 Reading for bedtime

 I believe there is a child under there....
 What do you do when it rains ALL DAY at your campsite???? Head to Bass Pro!
 and the movies
 This is why he needed a truck.... To adjust tarps!
 Our tent is HUGE.... we had a very flat site but yet they found each other. 
 snack time.....
 yes, that would be the first ray of sunlight in two days!
 you can tell John is very happy to be away from everything
 I don't know why but it amazes me that I can grow lettuce in my front pots! So yummy and easy

 This was the last day of school (Brett had finished 2 weeks earlier).... Brett wore this on his first day of school. I believe I had to convince him to button his shirt to go to school... 
 He did let me button it for this picture.....Last day of 1st grade!
 So big.... He also wore this on the first day of school

Here he is on his first day of school
And little man!!
 Swim meets can really wear you down

 Happy FATHERS day! We went to the pool right before Grandpa Hank left
John, Tom and Hank...(father and sons)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April the birthday month!

April is a busy month. Both my boys where born this beautiful month! Jackson turned 7 on the 11th and Brett turned 5 on the 30th! Here are the pictures from their actual birthday and their pretend  (that is what Brett called it) birthday party!  Our boys are loved and truly blessed to have so many people love them and make them feel special! As usual the pictures downloaded in random order.  

Jacskson turns 7!

Not my best cake but he liked it!
Bretts cake 

He likes all kinds of cake
Julia making sure she stays safe
Brett turns 5!

Go Julie
Yup this would be the third cake of the month! 
All grown up

Poor Paul, no hat
The kids at the party( and Diana) ... Paul jr is napping in his momma's arms...... 
Baby Brett no more.......